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How can we improve the management of the Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve?

Read the draft management plan for Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve and provide your comments below.

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Janet Inman

27 Jan 2019

A pedestrian and cycle path along this stretch of the coast would be fantastic. It would encourage people into this beautiful area in a controlled and managed way. It would also provide a great opportunity to enable the installation of educative signage / installations / artworks etc that can assist in raising awareness about the cultural and environmental significance of this area. In addition a paved/ shared use pathway encourages dog owners to keep their pets on a leash rather than free roaming.
To reduce enviro impact on the dunes, position the path along the fence line of the existing properties. This will resolve the issue of encroachment in both the short and longer term.

Theo Ellenbroek

26 Jan 2019

There is a great Tourism/ visitor experience and opportunity here, not only with the unique natural environment to be suitably interpreted, but also Kaurna AND European history of this important area as well as the future impacts of climate change. Tennyson Dunes could be a special and very interesting destination for visitors AND many overseas tourists, who would appreciate our greatly undervalued metropolitan coastline and beaches.
European History and settlement of our area, including Charles Sturt's story and his State Heritage Listed property, Estcourt House adjacent, with Frederick Estcourt Bucknall's plans for a port in the area of West Lakes, and its later urban development from the 1970's, should also be made known. The views of Estcourt House, West Lakes and the city from the top of the dunes needs to be explained with proper interpretation, completing a special destination for all locals and visitors to appreciate.
I suggest working with Tourism SA to further develop the potential, accessibility and marketing of this special place. Charles Sturt Council have yet to realise and market the tourism potential of their coast.
Many visitors, locals and tourists already use the Coast Park shared use path and the Grange -Tennyson - Semaphore section should be developed through the dunes sensitively, using boardwalks where necessary, to complete the Coast Park along our coast, giving access to all who may use it.
The proposed visitor/interpretation/education facility can become a unique destination on our coast for all who wish to learn more and appreciate the natural flora, fauna, geology, Kaurna and European history of this special area of our metropolitan coast. The peace, tranquility and special properties of our Tennyson Dunes needs to be conserved AND made suitably accessible to all visitors, whether driving by, walking or cycling the Coast Park - a fantastic asset for all residents, visitors AND tourists.

lyall ross

21 Jan 2019

I remember driving past there when I was 17 and stopping at the beach it was a great beach with lots of dunes, but then they sold part of it off and build Tennyson heights with big houses , and more done the other end. it used to be just escort house stood out by it self , and before they turn our largest wet lands it to a house park called west lakes. it was such a nice drive , now it just houses, and the people that live in them complain if you park in front of there house to go to the beach as they think they own them. Go to perth they have looked after theirs and not sold it off for profit . its more like semaphore they have kept the front then a road and then houses. what's left of Tennyson should be looked after but there isn't much left. may be nock the houses down and turn it all back to duns would be much better.

Edward Bugess

19 Jan 2019

The encroachment onto the dunes by private housing and their gardens should cease immediately. A future bike track should go behind the dunes and not through the dunes for safety and environmental reasons. The current walking trails should be maintained. More signs need to be placed reminding people to stay on the tracks and out of dunes. There needs to be a greater effort to remove all non native plants from the area and then to plant native dune stabilising plants to maintain and improve the dunes.
I believe that there is adequate parking in the area. A large tourist sign on Military Road to the carpark should be made. A collection of Interpretive signs area could be placed at one of the main entrances showing the Aboriginal and European history in the area. This could include the positive and negative affects on the area. A list of native plants and animals should also be shown.
Finally, dogs should be permitted only on leads on the tracks. All feral cats in the area should be eliminated.

Kip Fuller

18 Jan 2019

I endorse Aura Valli's comments from 19/12/18. I am horrified how many private residents have encroached their gardens onto the dunes. One time I was there on a hot afternoon trying to do a red hooded plover census, and a residence had sprinklers going on their illegally extended lawn, impeding my access along the public trail! I support the completion of a public access board walk and cycle path along the dunes, enabling transit from Largs/ Semaphore to Marino Rocks.

Peter Lumb

11 Jan 2019

I think Wara Wayingga is a very important Conservation Reserve. I have noticed improvements to the conservation effort over time. I hope there will be greater public investment preserving and enhancing the dunes, and that volunteers will be well supported. I am concerned about the management of cats in the dunes, and the impact cats have on the native birds and animals. This is a small haven for important species.
I think it is an imperative that the dunes be rehabilitated back towards private property borders, and all that is possible is done to inform residents of the importance of supporting the dunes as a habitat for Australian birds and animals, so that private gardens abutting the reserve contribute to enhancing the biodiversity (or at least don't spread exotic plants into the reserve).
Now that Minda is supporting the development of the Coast Park path through the dunes at Brighton it is imperative that South Australians achieve a high quality two way path through the dunes at Tennyson, and the Coast Park becomes a genuine completed asset along the coast for for all of us. High quality walking and cycling assets are important for physical and mental health and the Coast Park deserves to be completed in such a way as to encourage public health while enhancing the dunes biodiversity. Let's get it done at last.

Government Agency

Natural Resources AMLR > Peter Lumb

14 Jan 2019

Hi Peter, thanks for these comments and suggestions.
We'll certainly pass them on to the Coast Park team.
Kind Regards.

Julie Gabb

10 Jan 2019

There is a necessity for a path through the dunes, but please do not put a three meter wide concrete path. Please just build a path that is environmentally friendly, and does not impact on the beauty of the dunes. I would like to see a walking trail from Henley beach, through the dunes, to join up with Semaphore. Cyclists and pedestrians do not mix, and it would be so pleasant just to walk the length of the dunes without worrying about cyclists. Please make sure it is accessible for wheelchairs and gophers. There are approximately 4.8 kilometers of these dunes, and it would be wonderful for tourists to be able to walk through and observe the diversity of the flora and fauna. It would be a wonderful tourist attraction.

Government Agency

Natural Resources AMLR > Julie Gabb

14 Jan 2019

Thank you for these comments and suggestions Julie.
We will certainly pass them onto the Coast Park project team.
Kind Regards.

Chris Quirk

22 Dec 2018

It is desirable and possible to provide public access to and through this conservation area. Please get on with it in the New Year. The other issue with the Coast Park is just south of the conservation area where about 7 private land holdings extend down to the high water mark under old land titles. It would be very costly to acquire even parts of these properties, so perhaps consider a board walk (a mini jetty) just below the high water market along the shore to go around these properties to achieve the uninterrupted continuity of the Coast Park.

Government Agency

Natural Resources AMLR > Chris Quirk

22 Dec 2018

Hi Chris, thanks for your comments and suggestions.
We will pass them on to the Coast Park project team.
Kind Regards.

Robert Hunt

20 Dec 2018

Some years ago I got called from designing freeways in Melbourne and other capitals, to this state to design the surrounds and track for the OBahn. In doing so we had a strong influence from the German designers on their original structure,only 100 metres long without cross connection, based on sand. How funny was it to place high speed track on piles anchored into Bay of Biscayne clays, which the Croats had no knowledge of, apart from the bus speed we wanted being 120 kms/per hour minimum, and busses weighing several tonnes. So the locals involved were heard and produced a satisfactory, result. Much growning was heard about access along the so called pristine Torrens valley and River . But this faded away when the busway went in and now is the first and only busway of its type in the world, and very effective to serve people some 9-12 kilometres from their job locations in the city and along that track.just to fill in for those who would criticise access to a pristine location.

Robert Hunt

20 Dec 2018

Firstly, where exactly is this set of sand hills? Is there any access at the moment and by what means? What car parking is provide Details? Are there facilities for setting up Life Saving? Are cars permitted on the beach area ? what road access is provided, to the location and the beach? What areas will be fenced off effectively against unknowing persons? What native creatures exist and provision for protection from humans?

Government Agency

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges > Robert Hunt

21 Dec 2018

Hi Robert - thanks for your response. You’ll find a lot of information about the Tennyson dunes site, including a map and details of the local environment in the draft management plan (see the link above). No cars are allowed on the beach but there is a car park adjacent to Military Rd and access paths through the dunes to the beach. For details about surf lifesaving on beaches in the area, contact Surf Lifesaving SA.

David Bailey

19 Dec 2018

I acknowledge the delicate balance needed to enable biodiversity and public pathway access. I support both outcomes, and would support an evidence based approach enabling both.

Mike Woud

19 Dec 2018

The Tennyson Dunes, as well as being the last remaining undeveloped part of the metropolitan coastline is also part of the metropolitan coastline and as such is torn between the various stakeholders that have an interest in it. The residents, the visitors and the conservationists all have a stake in how it needs to be utilised. As a resident of Tennyson for 30 years I have enjoyed the improvement of facilities provided to enable access to the coastline for exercise and recreational activity. The coastal pathway inniative was introduced with much anticipation but unfortunately the crucial linking piece is also Tennyson, the Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve, and the Westlakes Shore Coastal Zone. The vested interests have all played thier part and unfortunately the completion of a uniterupted recreational pathway linking all coastal attractions is still a pipe dream. In an era of costly societal obesity and under supported activity, a coastline path with access for all, inclusive of ability and societal economical disposition throughout the full length of the metropolitan coastline would make this a forward progressive society, as opposed to one stuck in the past.

Aura Valli

19 Dec 2018

Tennyson Dunes Conservation - a bit of a joke if you ask me!!! How many of you have lately walked along the path where the houses abut? Many (most??) of the houses have grown lawns which encroach almost onto dunes, they have planted bushes, trees which are not native to the area. Their outdoor settings and barques also encroach on public path. The theory must be "if we make it look private, then no one will use this path" . I believe in protecting this area - but there is no one like the locals for encroaching on it. What I would like to see is a continuation of the Coastal Bike path along this area - well fenced off from dunes, and even more, I would like to see the householders in this area discouraged from treating this public space as their private property
Aura Valli 19/12/2018

Chris Blaikie

17 Dec 2018

One of the most brief and pointless management plans I have ever seen. Limited scope, very little information, 2/10.

Government Agency

Natural Resources AMLR > Chris Blaikie

17 Dec 2018

Hi, thank you for your response.
This plan was developed to provide only high-level visions, directions and opportunities for future management. It was informed by existing action plans, including the Tennyson Dunes Action Plan, and the Vegetation Management Plan for Tennyson Dunes reserve.
These plans are publicly available for your perusal. Please let me know if you’d like me to send them on to you.

Robert Hunt > Chris Blaikie

20 Dec 2018

There is the issue of local residents wanting some access to this area, as well as visitors! Councils do not have cart blanch to do what they want in any suburb. So be sure that your needs are not over bearing on others freedoms.