Should anyone reselling a ticket be able to recoup the administrative costs associated?

Do you think anyone who re-sells a ticket to an event (e.g. due to no longer being able to attend) should be able to recoup the administrative or transaction costs, including credit card fees or delivery fees associated with the original ticket purchase?

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Dale Sutton

12 Jul 2018

Yes, I think it is fair enough for someone to recoup the full costs associated with both purchasing and selling the ticket. This is not the issue, it is those that buy tickets in bulk to popular events with the view to reselling them for a profit that must be stopped. Companies like are taking advantage of the general punter who just want to go and see their favourite artist. Maybe legislation that prevented anyone (or any organisation) from selling more than (say) 6 tickets to any one event might help. And to cover the administrative or transaction costs the sale price could be capped at a maximum 110% of the original ticket price. That should prevent the 'scalpers'.

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12 Jul 2018

Thanks for your comment Dale.