UPDATE: Below is a record of what appeared on YourSAy during the open consultation process from 4 July 2018 to 20 July 2018.

We invite your feedback to make sure consumers are adequately protected from ticket scalpers.

What is being decided?

The State Government has introduced reforms that aim to increase consumer protections around ticket scalping for a range of popular sporting and entertainment events in South Australia.

We would like to hear your thoughts about:

  • The number of tickets that can be sold in one transaction.
  • Events that may be excluded from the new laws.
  • Ticket re-sellers recouping the administrative or transaction costs associated with the original ticket purchase.
  • Software or ‘bots’ used to purchase tickets.

How can your input influence the decision?

Your input will help to identify issues that need to be tackled and the strategies that could be put in place to protect South Australians from ticket scalping.

Input can be provided by:

How will your input be used?

The new Ticket Scalping Regulations will be drafted considering the feedback received during this consultation process. 

Closing date: Friday 20 July 2018