The State Government has introduced reforms into Parliament that aim to increase consumer protections around ticket scalping for a range of popular sporting and entertainment events in South Australia.

Under the new laws, it will be illegal for anyone to re-sell tickets or advertise the resale of tickets at a price that is more than 110% of the original ticket price. The new laws also create an offence for anyone to use ‘ticket bots’ or other software to purchase tickets to an event in South Australia.

The Fair Trading (Ticket Scalping) Amendment Bill 2018 has been introduced into Parliament. Before the Regulations are drafted, we are inviting all interested businesses and consumers to provide their comments on the proposed reforms, including feedback on:

  • Capping the total number of tickets that can be purchased to an event at any one time.
  • Whether certain entertainment/sporting events or venues should be excluded from the new requirements.
  • Enabling ticket re-sellers the ability to recoup the administrative or transaction costs associated with the original ticket purchase.

We are also seeking information on existing applications or software (‘ticket bots’) that are commonly used to purchase high volumes of tickets to popular events.